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CRISPR Can be a Solution to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we know, COVID-19 is causing large scale loss of life and severe human suffering. With the pandemic spreading across the globe, researchers are racing against the clock to develop diagnostic tools, vaccines and treatments. Recently, WHO has launched a Solidarity clinical trial to assess relative effectiveness of four potential drugs against COVID-19. Further, there are close to 40 clinical trials of vaccines are ongoing, however, as per experts, it may take more than a year to develop a vaccine.

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Growing Pipeline of Microbiome-based Live Biotherapeutics Fuels the Manufacturing Demand

Live biotherapeutics are fragile bacteria, which require ideal conditions of heat, moisture and pH of products, to survive and prevent premature germination. In fact, manufacturing is presently one of the biggest bottlenecks in this domain; manufacturing such products is both technically challenging and financially demanding.